Since the founding , in late 1986. Sambi has traveled the way from service which had been dealing exclusively with cleaning carpets to the leading firm in Serbia in the domain of hygiene services for business, sport, medical, hotel and other facilities, as well as overhauling and servicing machines for washing and cleaning of all sorts of surfaces.

The greatest merits undoubtedly go to the founder and chairman of the firm, Velimir Knezevic, who, with his perseverance, professional relation towards business and vision of development had brought Sambi to where it is now.

Thanks to our years of experience, there is no problem u can have with your floors that we can not resolve. Sambi deals with all sorts of floors : rugs, carpets and other textile floor coverings, linoleum, PVC and Vinas tiles, unglazed and glazed ceramic tiles, concrete, floors made out of magnesite and cryolite, floors made out of hardwood and softwood, terrazzo, freestone, limestone, granite, marble, natural and artificial stone etc.


  • Cleaning and maintenance of business facilities
  • Cleaning and care of health institutions
  • Cleaning of theatre, cinema and congress halls
  • Complete cleaning of motor vehicles – Total car wash
  • Cleaning and maintenance of sport and concert halls
  • Washing glass at all heights
  • Water grinding of stone treads
  • Overhauling and servicing of machines and equipment
  • Daily hygiene upkeep
  • Education and training
  • High altitude operations
  • Bird protection
  • Sterilization

If your hygiene problem does not fall under any of these categories, we invite you to contact us and introduce us to the problem, and we will make an effort to meet your demands.


“Sambi” addresses special attention to cleaning and care of health institutions. Due to its specificity
these institutions require top quality and impeccable cleanliness. Our firm has so far been providing services to many health institutions, here we will only mention the most significant ones:

  • Institute of Cardiovascular diseases in Sremska Kamenica
  • Institute of Oncology in Sremska Kamenica
  • Institute of lung diseases and tuberculosis in Sremska Kamenica
  • Clinical center of Serbia – Beograd
  • Clinical center of Vojvodina – Novi sad
  • Clinical center Kragujevac
  • Health center Sremska Mitrovica
  • Health center Zrenjanin


Our firm is a known and recognized friend of sport. In decades of our existence, we have always tried to, through different forms of sponsorship arrangements, support subsistence and development of sport clubs and manifestations in the city.